Subway Posters

NYC Classic Complete MTA Subway Posters Combo Pack

$225.00 $150.00

Now's your best chance yet to own the entire set of the original NYC Subway Vanmaps. These limited edition first print posters won't be made again so get them while they last. Each poster depicts a different subway line in the NYC Subway with bright, bold colors and clean lines. Each poster features statistics and a short history of the line.

This combo pack features one of each poster, IND 6th Ave B/D/F/M, IND 8th Ave A/C/E, IND Crosstown G, IRT 7th Ave 1/2/3, IRT Lexington Ave 4/5/6, IRT Flushing 7, BMT Broadway N/Q/R, BMT Jamaica J/Z, and BMT Canarsie L.

Size: 18″ x 24″