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NYC Subway Track Map: Complete and Geographically Accurate


The Complete and Geographically Accurate New York City Subway Track Map is a new detailed look at the subway system that most riders never see. Unlike a traditional subway map which just shows train routes, stations, and a simplified geography for easier navigation, the Track Map shows how the system actually looks; each track, each switch, each station platform and each train yard is shown in a clear and clean design. While the Track Map offers a service guide it is not intended to replace the subway map as a wayfinding tool. The Track Map shows the paths of the tracks so that the viewer can see how trains are able to run. If you’ve ever wondered why certain trains don’t run to certain places this map will tell you why.

The idea behind this was to remove all distortion from traditional subway maps and see the system down to its bones. Street labels, parks, cemeteries, and airports help act as landmarks. The more complicated interchanges and interlockings are shown in a blown up detail section along with a list of as many provisions and abandoned sections of the system I have discovered.

For more information about the map see the original blog post here.

The map is 48″ x 72″ (4′ x 6′) and printed on 10.4 mil semi gloss poster paper, printed in NYC!

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Weight 2 lbs
Dimensions 48 × 72 in